Cephalometric Software

Cephalometric Analysis and Treatment Planning - Dr Garcia Tracing - 

  • Standard and customized analysis: More than 50 different cephalometric analysis, including lateral and frontal
  • Arch analysis: Bolton and arch length discrepancy analysis
  • Powerful image enhancements such as brightness, contrast, and zoom
  • Easy superimposition of the cephalometric tracing over the patient's photo or tracings of different time points
  • Rotation of the cephalogram to align to the Frankfurt's plane
  • V.T.O Growth prediction
  • Orthognathic surgery SVTO
  • Digital imaging software enables the clinician to develop a cephalometric treatment plan quickly and easily
  • Advanced Morphing and warping produce soft tissue contouring from hard tissue movements
  • Customized Reports and studies to present to the patient

Dr. Garcia's Treatment Planning

  • Complete Orthodontic treatment planning: analysis, diagnosis, selection of mechanics or functional appliances.
  • Communication, trouble shooting and consulting system for orthodontic cases

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